About This Page

Hi! If you have found your way here, you must be interested in one of two things

  1. Photography
  2. Houston, Texas

This page in the photography collection of Jenny Morgan, who just happens to be living in Houston, Texas. I have been taking photos since the ’80s. My passion for photography goes and comes based on my life. It has been more off than on for a while now. I fell in love with my Olympus OM-D EM-10 Mirrorless camera but when the motherboard crashed just before a cruise to Mexico, I pulled out my trusty Canon A-1 and purchased some film and took it old school.

That moment brought back the love for film, which was growing strong when I had the money to get the film developed. When money was plentiful, I began a small collection of film cameras:

  • Canon A-1 w/50mm
  • Yashica 230AF w/35-70mm
  • Canon Rebel G w/35-70mm
  • Minolta SRT-101 w/200mm
  • Konica Autoreflex TC w/50mm
  • Zorki 4 (Rangefinder)
  • Cmena 2 (Rangefinder)
  • Kodak Retina 1b (Rangefinder)
  • Plus 6 point and shoots (which I am about to sell)

Now that funds are tight and I can’t afford to get the film developed as regularly as I would like, I have resorted back to digital with a new camera.

  • Nikon D3200 (New Camera) w/18-55mm
  • Canon Rebel T3 (which I have owned for quite a while)

But the passion still has not been there. This is why I have decided to build a daily photoblog, which is to help me connect with my photography again in hopes to bring back the passion I once had. I hope you enjoy the photos. They may not always be Houston because I do travel quite a bit and will post those too.