Little Red Corvette

All photos taken with Yashica 230AF – FujiFilm Color 200

Last June, I took one of my first photowalks in an area called the Heights. A cozy neighbor hood with a mixture of small shotgun houses, next to restored Victorian homes. The main drag is 18th street with antique shops, boutiques, and restaurants. I spotted this little red Corvette outside a breakfast joint and had to get some photos.

I love to a good looking car.

Funny story… I took these photos on 18th street. About 2 hours later, I was in my neighbor hood getting a haircut and when I walked out in the parking lot, this same car was waiting for me. It was about 5 miles between where I saw it on 18th Street to seeing it again on Silber Rd. I swear it was teasing me because it was not mine.

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