The Chicken and Rice Guys

All photos taken with Canon Rebel T3

Tonight’s adventure took us to a VIP Party for the opening of a new restaurant, The Chicken and Rice Guys. The restaurant is located at 27th and Yale in the Heights. The grand opening is Saturday, but there is still a soft opening tomorrow for lunch.

The Chicken and Rice Guys started with a food truck in 2012 in the Boston area. Since then, their success has allowed them to open three brick and mortar restaurants in Boston and fleet of food trucks all serving in and around Boston. Thanks to NextSeed’s crowdfunding, the Chicken and Rice Guys have been able to start up a location in Houston, Texas to test the market.

The Chicken and Rice Guys (CNR for short) menu is pretty basic, which makes ordering simple.

  1. Do you want a small or large?
  2. Rice Plate or Salad plate?
  3. Chicken, Gyro, tofu, or combo?
  4. And extras?

This is it… Order at the counter and by the time you get to the pick up window, it is ready.

During the opening, we ordered both small and large sizes. We order gyro and a combo of chicken and gyro. We ordered the salad and the rice plates. I added a little hummus.

Can I say… WOW!

The three of us loved the food. The portions for both small and large were plentiful. And what you want to go get is the sauces. There is a mild, spicy, chilantro mint, bbq, and creamy garlic. Mix the creamy garlic and bbq sauces with a gyro rice plate and I was in heaven.

During the VIP event, the CNR were giving away t-shirts to anyone who took a shot glass full of the spicy sauce. Both Elisabeth and Michelle downed a shot of spicy sauce for their shirt. Others were attempting the pours with some coughs and liquid chasers. My spicy food companions took it like champs and didn’t think it was all that spicy, but then again they took on a #5 spicy in Thai food.

When all the food was said and done, I was very pleased with CNR and would definitely recommend this place to friends. It has a decent parking lot, which is 100% important in the Heights, so you should be good. Good luck CNR and let’s hope for much success in your grand opening and your new home of Houston, Texas.

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