The Road To Midtown

Fourplex in Montrose – Taken by Samsung S10

The last three pictures for the weekend were taken on Friday night as we were out and about in midtown. The photo about was one of many duplexes and fourplexes that line the residential streets of Montrose. At one point, we had wanted to move to this area but decided against it. Most of these rooms don’t have air conditioners other than window units, and probably share a common laundry area if they even have one.

A Pub in the heart of Midtown, Houston.

Midtown is filled with restaurants and pubs, along with midrise apartment complexes. The Front Porch Pub is just one of them. Living in Midtown, you don’t have to go far in order to get what you need. Food, drinks, and a haircut. This barber shop below is just the type of joint that keeps the hipster wanting to live down in this area.

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