Wanna Bao

All photos taken with Samsung S10

Friday afternoon and our foodie friend, Michelle messages us and asks that we go out to this restaurant that she found info on. Wanna Bao is located just west of downtown Houston in an area called Midtown. Midtown used to be run down and not a good neighborhood to be in but the planners of the city turned this area into hipster heaven. Massive mid-rise apartments complexes with restaurants and stores on the first floors of these complexes make it a desirable and now expensive area of town to live in.

This restaurant is classified as Szechuan and Shanghainese Restaurant and is known for their juicy soup dumplings. Because I am unsure about the food (I am the most picky of the three of us), I ordered the Kung Pao Chicken. Elisabeth and Michelle ordered a variety of dumplings and appetizer size items to share.

I tried all the items on the table, except for the crispy bottom pork dumplings (no photo taken, sorry) and I loved it all. Very delicious. A little on the expensive side but if you pay cash you get 8% discount. We came with cash. WOO.

Scallion Pancake
Pork Soup Dumplings
My Kung Pao Chicken and Jumbo Meatballs
Some of the fun art inside the restaurant.

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