Why I moved to film photography

Back when I was just 15 years old, I purchased my first camera (Canon AE-1) and took pictures of my friends, family, celebrities, and some of the best Latin pop music concerts…all on film.

As times changed, I went to digital just like most of the world. I took thousands upon thousands of photos because I had a card that stored more than I could take. With phone photography growing, everyone is a photographer. It was so hard to find a community or a base of like minds.

When my very expensive mirrorless camera was stolen, I was bummed but insurance allowed me to repurchase the same camera, which after a year died. The “motherboard” went out and that was when I realized that my camera wasn’t a camera, it was a computer. This happened just before a vacation trip to Mexico.

Without money to buy a new camera, I pulled out my trust Canon A-1, purchased some film, and took some of the best photos I have ever taken on that camera. I never looked back. Or in a sense, I looked backward and found my love. Film photography.

And as I began trying to find like minds on Instagram, I not only found those minds, but I found a strong community of film photographers that was seriously lacking for digital photography.

Yes, there will always be those camera snobs in all communities but from what I have witnessed in the year of shooting film compared to the yearS in digital, I feel more accepted and supported by other film shooters than I ever had with digital, including close friends who think of themselves as photographer.

Film = Friendship
Film = Community
Film = Support
Film = A geniunine love for the art of photography

I am not the person you would think is out shooting film. But I am. My goal or purpose is to have fun with photography. I am not looking to sell my photos. I am a collector and I collect cameras (or at least the ones I can afford), I use them, shoot my roll or rolls, then it’s my pleasure to share those images with you with a little info on the camera and film being used.

I am in no way an expert on photography or cameras. In fact, I just asked someone today why shoot a 100 speed film at 25. I had no clue. This is fun, this is exciting, and this is me.